How To Help Maintain A Healthy Pelvic Floor

How To Help Maintain A Healthy Pelvic Floor

November 17, 2017

How Healthy Is Your Pelvic Floor?

Often we wrongly assume pelvic floor problems only affect women who have experienced pregnancy or menopause. Pelvic floor issues affect both the young and the old. However, women also have an increased risk of pelvic floor issues if they have experienced one or more of the following factors:

  • Frequent heavy lifting
  • Frequent undertaking of high-impact exercise
  • chronic coughing, sneezing or constipation
  • gynecological surgery
  • injury to the pelvic region
  • ageing

A woman's risk of developing pelvic floor problems increases with each pregnancy and delivery. Pelvic floor muscles form a broad sling of muscles that stretch from the pubic bone through to the back base of the spine. While pregnant, hormones such as relaxin can encourage these muscles to stretch. This combined with the physical pressure of childbirth places immense strain on the pelvic floor. The impact of pelvic floor strain can be felt as early as 12 weeks into pregnancy.

Following the physical strain of childbirth, the combined muscular trauma and newly ‘relaxed’ pelvic muscles can begin to interfere with bladder control and optimal sexual function.

How To Help Maintain A Healthy Pelvic Floor

Muscles have the ability to self-repair and retrain. MEDIballs Secret can support the self-repair and re-strengthening of the pelvic floor and support post-pregnancy rehabilitation. A popular conversation starter amongst many new mothers, pelvic floor exercise is a hot topic as it relates so closely to incontinence concerns. Due to the role of the pelvic floor in the process of bladder control, pelvic floor exercises are referenced as a means to improve incontinence. Yet, while pelvic floor exercises are important, they can often be time consuming and a challenge to remember to do.

Alternatively MEDIballs are a TGA listed ‘Class 1’ Medical device, specially designed to activate the pelvic muscles through weight training without the need for conscious exercises. MEDIballs Secret use an internally located weighted metal ball that sits within the MEDIballs themselves, which offer weight resistance training and strengthens the pelvic muscles. The presence of MEDIballs and their weighted design also assist with isolating, identifying and activating the pelvic muscles.

Its important if you are experiencing floor issues, like bladder leakage to talk to your doctor. As you can have a number of factors influencing your issues that do not necessary relate to a weak pelvic floor.

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