How Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Assist with Recovery from Prolapse Surgery

April 21, 2017

How Pelvic Floor Exercises Can Assist with Recovery from Prolapse Surgery

If you’re recovering from surgery to correct a vaginal prolapse, it’s likely your doctor will have recommended several lifestyle changes to help you heal now and prevent reoccurrence in the future. One commonly recommended tactic is the use of pelvic floor muscle exercises. These are a popular choice for recovering patients in the eight weeks immediately after surgery, as they not only aid in achieving a faster recovery time and avoiding common side effects including incontinence and dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), but guard against further reoccurrence of the prolapse.

Working hand in hand with other treatment methods

Often other lifestyle factors such as diet, body weight, or activity may contribute to the presence of the prolapse, and your doctor may make several recommendations such as losing weight or opting for a lower-impact form of exercise. Pelvic floor muscle exercises are an excellent complement to any, however, and are frequently recommended as part of a treatment package.

Fundamentally, a strong pelvic floor helps to lessen the chance of prolapse occurring, while also mitigating the severity of an existing prolapse. The difficulty is that while these exercises sound simple when your doctor gives you the information, they can be difficult to perform correctly, decreasing their effectiveness and resulting in a prolonged treatment period.

The smart, discreet and passive way to exercise your pelvic floor muscles

Fortunately, there is an easier way to ensure you are exercising your pelvic floor muscles correctly. Vaginal cones are a small weight that are inserted into the vagina, causing the surrounding muscles to work to hold the cone inside. As you move, the weight shifts and moves with you, forcing different groups of muscles to work together in different ways to keep it from dropping out, resulting in a comprehensive workout.

Anyone looking for a discreet and passive way to exercise their floor should consider investing in the MEDIballs Secret from Pelvi. Available in two weights – 45 and 90 grams – it delivers a comprehensive workout to this frequently neglected muscle group. Suitable for wear both during the day and at night while sleeping, it helps to decrease the frequency of frustrating bladder interruptions that all too often result from a prolapse.
To find out if the MEDIballs Secret is suitable for you, get in touch with the customer

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