How Buff is your Pelvic Floor

How Buff is your Pelvic Floor

June 29, 2017

This is an easy question to answer when referring to other muscles throughout our body. It is generally closely related to our lifestyle, our physical activity and how many gym visits are done a week. However when it comes to the pelvic floor, are you saggy, loose, toned, firm??? If you are questioning the answer then it might be time to work on strengthening this vital muscle to help with prevention.

 Why is the pelvic floor important?

The pelvic floor is a muscle between your legs with many different functions. The muscles and connective tissue are always busy holding your organs and insides where they belong. The pelvic floor surrounds your vagina, supporting vaginal tone, firmness and structure. So…. To simply put it…… strengthen your pelvic floor and consequently tone your genitalia.

How can I tell if my Pelvic floor is suffering?

  1. Unable to control bowel emptying or urination
  2. Sub-standard sex (there can be other reasons for this obviously, but a weak pelvic floor can contribute)
  3. Experiencing back pain
  4. Organs end up where they shouldn’t (prolapse)

Additional functions of the pelvic floor

  1. Decision makers on urination and bowel emptying
  2. Spine stabilization
  3. Holding organs and insides in place
  4. Highly linked to sexual enhancement
  5. Aids in circulation and contractions throughout sexual activity

So clearly it is imperative to have a toned, strong and healthy pelvic floor. Mediballs Secret work on the “trampoline effect” to help tone and firm the pelvic muscles. They don’t require exercise, so it’s perfect for the busy lady and lifestyle! It’s time to look after your vagina, so lets get BUFF ladies!

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