5 Health Tips We Wish We Knew In Our 20s 

5 Health Tips We Wish We Knew In Our 20s 

July 20, 2017

Health Tips We Wish We Knew In Our 20s  

Heath Tip 1: Cotton Pads Not Disposable Pads.

​Although disposable pads may be convenient, they aren't the best for our bodies. There are known dangers associated with plastic exposure, and we often don’t think about how items like pads can be a source of plastic exposure. That's why leading health brands like hannapad have made these amazing organic reusable alternatives.

Health Tip 2: Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Is A Top Beauty Secret.

Recently charcoal and bentonite have been the focus of the beauty world, a 100% natural way to draw toxins from your skin, reduces pores and whitens teeth. Charcoal Me $21.90 does a better job than most highly priced skin treatments filled with nasty chemicals. Get back to basics and see how Charcoal Me Clay can help to improve your overall health and beauty.

Health Tip 3: Learn About The Dangers Associated With Conventional Deodorants.

Everyday we use deodorant, covering our lymph nodes in some questionable material. Aluminum is the ingredient popular deodorants use to keep our underarms fresh. These chemicals may lead to health concerns, particularly thyroid issues. The good news is that there are some great natural options that work, like: Mr Pitts Natural Deodorant. $19.90

Health Tip 4: Your the Boss Of Your Bladder

Kegel weights like MEDIballs Secret are a great form of exercise for women who struggle with bladder control and forms of urinary incontinence. Adding Kegel exercises to your daily routine can really increase your chances of noticing differences in your pelvic floor strength and bladder activity.

Health Tip 5: Assist Menopausal Vaginal Dryness With Organic Lubricant. 

BioGlide is a 100% Organic + Vegan lubricant that has been specially designed to increase and assist vaginal moisture. Free from synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives. There are a number of physical triggers that can encourage women to turn toward the support of lubricant. While it can be a confronting subject, vaginal dryness is a common cause for concern amongst woman of all ages. Vaginal dryness can be a side effect of medication, hormonal changes, menopause or ageing. Sometimes, dryness can be as simple as a woman’s individual body and natural levels of vaginal lubrication.

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