Girl Meets Cup

Girl Meets Cup

January 05, 2017

Think it's risky?

Think again. Menstrual Cups are “safer” than any tampon and in fact hold twice as much as any super tampon. “Safer” too, because you are 1000 times less likely to have TSS using a cup than when using a tampon. If you are seeking clarification on just what Toxic Shock Syndrome is, it a very rare but potentially serious illness caused by particular strains of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and less commonly, Streptococcus pyogenes, which are able to produce a toxin. The majority of TSS cases occurs during menstruation and is mostly associated with tampon use. These cases are rare, rare enough for the Australian government to allow the use of tampons. But, why not be 100% safer by using a Menstrual Cup?


Dare to try a cup and you won't look back.
Australian chicks are waking up to the reality that cups are in fact nothing new, other nations are way in front of us here, pads are definitely yesteryear and tampons, organic, are still good only they are comparatively expensive in the long term.
During menstruation one should have a choice, cup or tampon. Depending on your mood that day and your intended activities.

Get Ready…..

Traditionally we don’t exactly look forward to that time of the month only this month you can change it up by ordering a cup at We have specials too, a reduced price for two. Maybe you could try both sizes or simply surprise a friend with one and go on the adventure together.

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