Exercise isn't exciting enough to induce pants-wetting... LBL and Exercise

May 19, 2017

Exercise isn't exciting enough to induce pants-wetting... LBL and Exercise

 Run, jump, lunge, pee a little!

Wait – surely THAT isn't supposed to be part of the routine?

 Is light bladder leakage a concern when you go to the gym? PELVI understands, we've experienced it too! When you struggle with an overactive bladder or LBL issues, the simplest of daily activities can cause a little trickle here and there.

Unfortunately this leakage has been enough to turn women off exercising due to embarrassment or concern – maybe next time it won't just be a little bit?

Eliminating exercise isn't the answer. No one wants to give up something that they enjoy. Instead of turning away from your daily workouts, just swap the intensity for something more low key. LBL is less likely to occur during yoga or pilates than it is during running or heavy weighted squats. Don't be afraid to change up your workout schedule while you're in the process of training and strengthening your pelvic floor.

While this is a common issue for women everywhere, it isn't something that you have to put up with. Core exercises and kegels can really make a difference to your pelvic floor and the control you have over your bladder.

If LBL is really making you feel uncomfortable to train, make sure you wear some super supportive undies! They might not look hot, but they've got your back. You can also try wearing a light panty liner, and taking regular toilet breaks throughout your sessions. The inconvenient stuff won't last forever, but for now, you can't let it win!

Between pregnancy and childbirth, and menstruation, your lady bits have done some pretty incredible things. It is important to embrace your body, and even learn to laugh off the embarrassing stuff. In this case though, don't laugh too hard or you could be in for an unwanted surprise.


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