Customer Review On Why Menstrual Cups Are The Best Solution

Customer Review On Why Menstrual Cups Are The Best Solution

November 10, 2016

Menstrual Cups - Customer Review

I’ve come to the realisation that being a women is very expensive, from period care to pregnancy their never seems to be an end to the list of products we need. I found one way to save money and be healthier, this is how:

1 year ago I decided to make the switch from sanitary pads to Menstrual Cups. I had been wearing tampons all my life, but experienced pain and dryness whenever I used them. I started to become very frustrated with the restrictions it placed on my daily life. I needed an alterative: with some research I found Pelvi Menstrual Cups. At first it seemed like an odd concept and not something I had even considered.
Menstrual Cups are the best period solutions: who new that one little cup could change my life. After 2 cycles I had mastered how to insert and remove the cup correctly, some women get it right the first go! You’ll never need to buy sanitary items monthly, 1 cup lasts 10 years. 

Since using Menstrual Cups I don’t experience pain or dryness, the silicone helps if you have sensitive skin. And unlike tampons menstrual cups don’t deposit fibers that cause infections or irritations.
I wear my cup for 9 hours consecutively, its so great to not have to change sanitary items ever hours. Here is my top 3 reasons to make the switch:

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Money saver


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