Creating Your Post Pregnancy Power Up Routine

June 21, 2017

Creating Your Post Pregnancy Power Up Routine

First of all, congratulations! Whether this is your first child or another little son or daughter to add to the family, the birth of a new child is always worth celebrating! Bask in the glow of your little pride and joy and enjoy being a new parent all over again.
After you’ve gotten into a routine with the little one and things have quietened down a bit, you may want to start thinking about getting back to your old routine. But what’s changed after childbirth? Depending on the question, a lot and a little. Read on to learn more.

Staying natural with your new menstrual cup

If you’re already a menstrual cup user, it’s worth noting up front that your old cup may no longer fit. Childbirth is huge event in anyone’s life, but it does leave some changes on our bodies. You may be experiencing a heavy flow because of increased hormonal activity, or your old cup may no longer sit correctly because of physical changes to the vagina.

In either case, we recommend simply stepping up to Pelvi’s size two menstrual cup. Designed for women experiencing increased flow or whose vaginal passage anatomy has changed after birth, it’s a slightly larger version of the cup you already know and love that suits many new mothers. In all other respects, it’s the exact same product you’ve already come to rely on every month.

Build your strength back with pelvic floor training

Many women also complain of a weakened pelvic floor post childbirth, which can have several nasty side effects, including incontinence. The combination of physical strain combined with the release of a number of hormones that stretch the pelvic floor muscles can cause you to lose a lot of the strength you’ve built up prior to pregnancy.
If you’re looking to regain your pelvic strength after delivery, Kegel – or pelvic floor – exercises assisted by a specially-designed weight can help you fight these effects, ensuring that you stay strong even after what can be a very physically taxing life event.

MEDIballs are the pelvic weights of choice for many women after pregnancy because they make what can otherwise be a difficult to perform set of exercises effortless. Just insert the MEDIballs and start walking – as you move, the pelvic floor muscles will engage and keep the weight centralised, giving you a comprehensive workout.

For more information on how the Pelvi range can help you post-pregnancy, get in touch today.


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