4 Foods To Help You Loose Weight

4 Foods To Help You Loose Weight

October 09, 2017

4 Foods To Help You Loose Weight

Winter is now over and most of us are in summer body prep mode, desperately trying to shed the extra kilos gained through our favourite winter activity: EATING! Below we have some fat burning foods that can help give your metabolism the boost and healthy nutrients it may need to get summer ready. 

1. Berry Bliss

Berries are known for their awesome antioxidant power and heart healthy vitamins. Containing natural sugars they are a great way to curb off carvings for other not so healthy sugary products. 

2. Spices

With so many varieties, spices are a great way to add non-fattening flavour to your meals and each comes with a numerous health benefits. Chilies are an excellent tool for boosting your metabolism! 

3. Kale & Spinach

1 cup of raw kale contains only 33 calories, leafy salads are a great base for any diet. Kale, spinach, and lettuce are filled with nutrients that have been connected to a healthy glow, keeping skin clear.

4. Papaya

Papaya is a super tropical fruit you can add to your diet to aid weightless and help reduce cellulite. It has an enzyme called papain, papain helps lessen inflammation and drain excess fluid. They are also packed with vitamin C.


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