2 Quick Pelvic Floor Exercises While Your Walking

2 Quick Pelvic Floor Exercises While Your Walking

December 13, 2016

Pelvi's exercise routines will make sure you get the most out of your pelvic training with MEDIballs Secret.

Pelvic floor gymnastics are simple, and what’s really handy about them is that many pelvic floor exercises can be carried out anywhere, without anybody realising what you’re doing. However, it’s important to carry out the exercises correctly, some women struggle to complete them correctly, which will result in poor results. With MEDIballs Secret no exercise is required, the mere presence of MEDIballs Secret's weights starts correct resistance training for the pelvic floor muscles. 

Walking exercise

Stand upright and resume tension in your pelvic floor muscles while exhaling. Now try to maintain the tension when breathing in as well, and at the same time walk on the spot for a few steps. Maintain the tension for as long as you can whilst avoiding any unnecessary use of the buttock or abdominal muscles. Continue to train your pelvic oor by consciously squeezing together your pelvic oor when walking. Don’t stop your breathing rhythm!

Bending exercise

Stand with your legs slightly apart and bent. Prop your hands on your thighs whilst keeping the back straight. Pull your pelvic floor muscles upwards and inwards. Repeat this exercise at least 8 times.

MEDIball Secret's two step kegel training program strengthens female pelvic floor muscles in as little as 7 days, even without pelvic floor exercises!  

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